Monday, April 29, 2013

A better night

My clinical pal and I had our short shift *four hours* at a new nursing facility Saturday night..
I must say..
this was a much better reception for students than the previous facility..
they were actually EXCITED to see us.

man that felt good
yeah it did

I must tell you I cannot get over how freggin cute these peeps are in the home.

one guy reminded me of my dad so much.
same onery, super sweet, crazy personality as my pops.
he was a retired navy man.
I wasn't sure of his reason for being there, but he didn't have use of his arm. but he brushed his teeth and made the best of it as best he could.
he was awesome. we talked about my dad and father in law some. it was great to see him light up at the talk of the service.
connection. yep.

then there is this couple. sharing a room.
oh my goddess they are so cute it hurts my teeth!
I wanted to ask them to be my grandparents.

I just can't get passed it. These sweet, amazing people are just waiting to have someone to talk to, to visit with, and I am so glad I have gotten the chance and the experience. it is overwhelming at times. I won't lie.
I miss my mom and dad so much. I am just glad, knowing my dad was in a home for a while, he got  the chance to have students visit with him.

I start school next week.
I start my first ever CNA job the week after!
I am so excited!!!

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