Monday, May 13, 2013

Getting Paid

I've finished my clinicals
and got a job!

I haven't even taken my final test and I have a CNA job!

I worked last week.


I actually chose graveyards.

I figure this will give me time to go to school and study and still have family time.

who needs it?

I managed to get two nights a week until the end of May just because I am still working my "day job"

I am at a great long term care facility.
they have an assisited living facility. actual apartments. how cute is that? and they are freggin nice! they have a waiting list to get in..yeah
they have a pediatric floor
and a skilled nursing floor
and the regular long term care floor

so far I am floating on all three floors.
I love love love it!

I am getting paid crap. almost half of what I make at my "day job" and work three times as hard, but I love it!

I don't mind wiping asses.
something about being able to have the one on one time with these amazing patients, makes that little bit of ickyness worth it.

I got to "bag" a trach patient. It was scary. But amazing. knowing someone's life is in my hands.. literally.. was a profound experience.

I start all of my classes this week. Last week I only had one class twice a week.. now I have all four twice a week. eeee!!

I have a lot on my plate. But I see the light at the end. and it is going to be a fabulous pink light!

off I go to have a wonderful adventure!

Have a great week

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