Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I survived

Survived finals. I get two weeks off until the next and final semester!
One more semester!!!

I am playing on my blogs, cleaning my house (slowly and one room at a time) but still..
I'm going to start a scrapbook for my daughter and Grandbaby!!! Yep. I'm going to be a gramma!!!
I am working on my family history, which takes sooooo long..
I am just enjoying my break. Absorbing the energy so I can make it through one more semester. Just one more.

Hope you are all having a great spring!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The countdown is on!

We are finished with midterms. We are four weeks away from finals. Then...
The final semester!!!
Which will be the hardest I'm sure.
But the countdown is on!
All the blood, sweat and tears will be worth it.
Trust me, there have been plenty of all three.
Somehow, the knowledge I have been binging on will soon be put to the test.
I have been given the opportunity to review a product that may or may not help me with school.
I have a 30 day supply. So I will keep you posted!

Here's to whatever happens!

Monday, February 2, 2015

dun dun dun

I'm baaaack.. kinda

one and a half semesters of nursing school left. I am almost done!!!
Life is busy. Life is chaotic. Life is flying by and I have had no time for anything. I am lucky if I get a daily shower. For real.

It's almost over!
All the hard work. All the blood, sweat and tears have paid off. Almost.

I made a promise to keep on track and making sure I post my journey will help I think. I hope you are still here.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm still alive-kinda

I'm sitting in the computer lab at school. I've got a big red mark on my cheek from laying it on my arm. I've had five hours of sleep in the last three days.
I'd say I'm alive.

I am almost done with my second semester of pre-reqs and I'm tired.
exhausted is more like it.

my class schedule is m-f 8-2ish
work is 11p-7a four to five nights a week.
yeah. it's hard.

but that's the typical nursing student complaint, isn't it?
being tired?

I've neglected my blogs. all of them.
I do hope to keep you updated, but I can't promise anything.. I feel bad for not keeping my blogs going. I love blogland.

I am going to finish my week out and have a well deserved three days off!!

Happy Halloween to you!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Getting Paid

I've finished my clinicals
and got a job!

I haven't even taken my final test and I have a CNA job!

I worked last week.


I actually chose graveyards.

I figure this will give me time to go to school and study and still have family time.

who needs it?

I managed to get two nights a week until the end of May just because I am still working my "day job"

I am at a great long term care facility.
they have an assisited living facility. actual apartments. how cute is that? and they are freggin nice! they have a waiting list to get in..yeah
they have a pediatric floor
and a skilled nursing floor
and the regular long term care floor

so far I am floating on all three floors.
I love love love it!

I am getting paid crap. almost half of what I make at my "day job" and work three times as hard, but I love it!

I don't mind wiping asses.
something about being able to have the one on one time with these amazing patients, makes that little bit of ickyness worth it.

I got to "bag" a trach patient. It was scary. But amazing. knowing someone's life is in my hands.. literally.. was a profound experience.

I start all of my classes this week. Last week I only had one class twice a week.. now I have all four twice a week. eeee!!

I have a lot on my plate. But I see the light at the end. and it is going to be a fabulous pink light!

off I go to have a wonderful adventure!

Have a great week

Monday, April 29, 2013

A better night

My clinical pal and I had our short shift *four hours* at a new nursing facility Saturday night..
I must say..
this was a much better reception for students than the previous facility..
they were actually EXCITED to see us.

man that felt good
yeah it did

I must tell you I cannot get over how freggin cute these peeps are in the home.

one guy reminded me of my dad so much.
same onery, super sweet, crazy personality as my pops.
he was a retired navy man.
I wasn't sure of his reason for being there, but he didn't have use of his arm. but he brushed his teeth and made the best of it as best he could.
he was awesome. we talked about my dad and father in law some. it was great to see him light up at the talk of the service.
connection. yep.

then there is this couple. sharing a room.
oh my goddess they are so cute it hurts my teeth!
I wanted to ask them to be my grandparents.

I just can't get passed it. These sweet, amazing people are just waiting to have someone to talk to, to visit with, and I am so glad I have gotten the chance and the experience. it is overwhelming at times. I won't lie.
I miss my mom and dad so much. I am just glad, knowing my dad was in a home for a while, he got  the chance to have students visit with him.

I start school next week.
I start my first ever CNA job the week after!
I am so excited!!!