Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's official

I am enrolled in CNA courses starting March 11th!

woot woot!

I can't wait to squish into scrubs and play with poo.

seriously. I'm gonna be a shit wiper.

ok I know there is alot more than that.. but that's how people see CNA's.

I had my first Math tutoring class last night.
the kid was probably my daughter's age. seriously. poor kid. He said I did better than most that come in. Is that a good thing? IDK.  I felt super dumb. and old.

He gave me homework and set up an appointment for next week. I'm hoping after that I can take the acuplacer test and test out of the first math class so I can skip a whole semester. and save a lot of money. and be smart. but still old.

mkay. off to work I go.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Starting... now!


I will be updating and playing around with my bloggy as I go.. so grab a drink and let's play!

I am enrolled in nursing school that starts May 11th..  squeee!

in the mean time I have to complete my CNA training which starts in a couple weeks.

paying tuition today.

here we go!

I plan on updating you all as much as I can on the fun of being a cna/nursing student, pagan, mommy, wife and whatever else goes along with all that excitement.

If you're squeamish..hide your eyes.